After Bankruptcy

Rebuilding Your Credit

We offer our clients a free service to ensure that your credit report accurately reports the bankruptcy. We want to ensure that the entries show balances “Included in bankruptcy" which helps your credit score and that the report does not show “changed off" which is bad for your credit. 30 days after your bankruptcy discharge is the best time to review these credit reports with us. You can send us your free credit report (Trans Union and Equifax from and your Experian (from via email and we will review each page with you over the phone for free. We will also advise you on best methods to rebuild your credit fast, how to finance a vehicle at lower rates and even zero dollars down, and how to finance a home in 2 years under the FHA program or VA (if military).

Your Personal Attorney

Most attorneys are done with you at this point. We hope that you keep us as part of your adviser team throughout your life. Perhaps, you run into a problem in the future, a car accident, or a problem with a contract, or a divorce. If there is any legal issue that comes up in your life, know that you have a personal attorney you can call and reach my cell phone at any time. We will take your call and help you manage that situation and help you either resolve it, or help you find or interview an attorney in that area.